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My Network Staff SM Services

All of the packaged plans offered under My Network Staff SM services include the following services and features.

Remote Monitoring:
We remotely monitor your computer network from our location in Genesee, Wisconsin.  We proactively review captured network monitoring data, identify any potential issues and report to you on those issues before they become problems. 
Remote Backup:
Genesee Systems will create regular backups for your mission critical data.  We will monitor those backups to assure they are properly completed.  In addition, we will take copies of those backups off-site to our location in Genesee.  This will protect your critical data and insure it is available to you in the event of a disastrous loss. 
Remote Patching and Updates:
We will regularly monitor and keep your systems current with high impact and security updates to your Microsoft operating system, Microsoft Office products, Anti-virus, Anti-Spy and Anti-malware products. Your internet connection and local infrastructure equipment  that was installed by Genesee Systems will also be proactively monitored and updated as required.
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Additional Services:
If you have a server installed and customized by Genesee Systems, the backups will also include complete images of your server and workstation operating systems.   This greatly reduces the amount of time required to restore your workstation or server in the event of certain types of failures or loss.   

Any internet connection appliance or WAN/LAN equipment (router, firewall, and  switch) that was installed by Genesee Systems will also be proactively monitored and updated as required. If this equipment should fail, Genesee Systems will have it repaired or replaced at no charge the next business day.


Monthly Visits to Your Location:
Genesee Systems will visit your location monthly to provide a status report, address concerns and take actions required to prevent network problems.  A number of consulting hours per month are included with each plan at no additional charge.  The number of hours depends on the specific package plan.
Reduced Billing Rate for Professional Services:
Participants in any My Network Staff SM services package receive an automatic 15% discount off of published Genesee Systems fees for professional consulting services.


Service Restoration Guarantee:
All maintenance packages includes a next-business-day response guarantee and a 15% discount on fees for any professional services needed to restore service after a covered outage or failure.